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I won't read a book that doesn't contain a romance plot of one kind or another...

One Night With a Prince - Sabrina Jeffries I really loved this book! I won't get into the plot, as GR has done a good job of describing it, except that the hero and heroine pretend to be lovers so they can get into a house party in the country and steal some letters from their host.

I really liked the way Jeffries described how their initial attraction transformed from lust to love. They started to know each other better, came to care and then fell in love. It was realistic and it was done in a good pace. In fact, everything was timed as it should be; no overlong misunderstandings, not withholding of emotions, no delay to aknowledge them. The main characters were both clever and for once, acted like that. No silly risks, no stupid arguments, nothing. And I loved how the heroine handled some rough moments without aplomb. In fact the heroine is one of the best I've read about and the hero pretty yummy himself.

Also, their attraction was palpable from page one; I could feel the heat coming off the pages. There was also emotion, some humor and a nice subplot about the stolen letters that kept the interest high all the time.

I really have nothing negative to say for this book. It became a keeper for me and now I want to try more of Jeffries' books.