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To Capture a Rake - Lori Brighton 2.5 stars
A very uneven book unfortunately:( The first half was very good, the writing refraining from stereotypical dialogues and plot schemes, the characters interesting, their chemistry vibrant.

The second part however, everything crampled down. There were some scenes that didn't connect with the rest of the story, like the heroine having dinner in her house with her mother in law and a man who's what? What could possibly explain the presence of a bachelor in a house run by a single woman? No excuse whatsoever, yet the very austere dowager, surprisingly never asks what Gideon's role in the household is.

This was just an instance where the lack of a professional editor was apparent. More than once we see people go to do something and they report back 2 chapters later if ever, plot lines picked up and casted away with little thought... what a mess!

But the worst thing for me is how their relationship turned so fast into sexual obsession, with both the hero and heroine getting hard and having trouble beathing every time they got in the same room. Though I did believe that ELizabeth was the right woman for Gideon, her belief in Gideon's goodness based on him not letting some highwaymen kill her, was presumptuous or imbecilic to say the least. She was more ruled by her lust than her heart I'm afraid:(

A big disappointment this one, but I will still be looking for the third book when it comes out. I need to see Lady Lavender vanquished after all!