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I won't read a book that doesn't contain a romance plot of one kind or another...

Simple Jess - Pamela Morsi 3.5 stars
From others' reviews, I expected something different; something more. This was a sweet love story all right, but it was not the swoon worthy romance I'd been led to expect. I think the 2 other potential suitors of Miss Althea and their side stories took too much space from the main love story. If the book was more focused on Althea and Jess, their coming to care for each other and seeing how well they fit together, how each one was what the other needed, this would be perfect for me. As it was, I believe the second half was more Eben and Mavis' story than the Althea's and Jess's.

Still, a very nice, heartwarming story with a unique hero. I'm very glad the author never made us feel pity for him or as if Althea was making a compromise in choosing Jess. If I'd not been jaded by the too many 5 stars ratings, I'd probably like it even more:)