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When Twilight Burns - Colleen Gleason 4.5 stars
Much better than the last two that took place in Rome; that setting just didn't work for me. And the msytery and action were high in this one from page one.

Though a joy to read, my problems were mainly Victoria and her inability to act as Illa Gardella. Despite not being stupid, she does tend to act more impulsively than wisely and also has the awful tendency of walking into traps she knows they're there. I guess that's not as much Victoria's fault as the author's, who's trying to control the plot's flaw and create tension by placing Victoria again and again in risky situations. However, most times there's no logic behind the decisions and steps that lead to an action, which eventually reflects badly on the heroine's abilities.

Still, logical problems aside, I enjoyed reading this very much and though I didn't think there was sufficient built-up in the previous books for the change we witness here in Victoria's and Max's relationship, I'm willing to buy into their romance and want to see how all this will end.