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I won't read a book that doesn't contain a romance plot of one kind or another...

Surrender to a Wicked Spy - Celeste Bradley This one had more romance and less espionage plot than any other I've read in the Royal Four or Liar's Club series. Though it was great up to a point, in the end Dane proved a greater ass than I thought him to be and I needed him to crowl for a hundred miles or more in his knees before I could forgive him completely, which he didn't so I'm not feeling very warm towards him. Olivia on the other hand was one of Bradley's best heroines and that says a lot, when most of them are so likable to begin with.

Unexpectedly enough, the majority of the story focuses on Dane's and Olivia's sexual relationship. Some scenes are laugh out funny, some very hot, but somehow it doesn't feel as if the sex is overshadowing the character development or is simply a filler. Through these scenes, Olivia's and Dane's relationship progresses and they get to know each other better until the spy -Chimaira- makes his move and the action kicks in (in the very final pages that is).

All in all. I enjoyed the book immensely and finished it in a couple of days. I don't know how Celeste Bradley does it, but she always manages to mix just the right amount of humor, heartache and passion in a her books that keeps me hooked even when I'm in my worst mood and not even excessive shopping works:) I'd like to thank her for it; she's my go-to author when the going gets tough and has yet to let me down.