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I won't read a book that doesn't contain a romance plot of one kind or another...

To Seduce a Sinner - Elizabeth Hoyt I really, really enjoyed this book. The only reason I didn't rate it with 5 stars, is that it took me a while to like the heroine, but after I did, I simply loved it.

To seduce a sinner, is the story of Jasper, Viscount Vale and Melisande. Vale, has been left in the altar for the second time and Melisande, who has secretly watched him for years, feels he may be desperate enough to marry her instead. Jasper agrees and their marriage of convenience begins. Both Jasper and Melisande have secrets hidden in their past that they try to keep from each other. But as their nights become more and more interesting, Jasper wants to know better this passionate woman that appears only at night and becomes serious, shy and proper during daytime. However, in trying to know her better, he runs the risk of exposing his secrets as well. And between all these, is his search to find the man who betrayed their regiment to the French while in the Colonies, resulting in the death and torture of many of his friends.

This book focuses much more in the romance between Jasper and Melisande than in the search of the traitor as the first one did, something I much appreciated. I really liked Jasper from the begining; he's a decent, honorable, good man, outgoing and social. He hides his inner demons, but he's not the usual cold, brooding hero with the tortured past. Melisande however, took me a while to like. She starts cold, abrupt and almost mean towards Vale who she loves, in her effort to guard her heart from him, and then ends up wondering why he keeps his distance from her. When she stopped being a harpy and decided to seduce him, that was when the book really took off. And from that moment on, I surely have no other complaint.

A great book with some very nice, hot scenes and a lovely hero. Fans of marriage-of-convenience theme will surely appreciate this one.