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I won't read a book that doesn't contain a romance plot of one kind or another...

The Bride Hunt - Margo Maguire Lady Isabel is abducted by Scots from her father's castle the night she was supposed to choose a husband. Her elected husband is also abducted with her. On their rescue comes the formidable knight Anvrai d'Arques of powerful physique but scarred in the face and missing one eye. After many days they manage to escape the Scots but they have to get back to England through enemy territory. During their journey through Scotland, Isabel gets to know both men better and is surprised with her feelings. She grew up in a convent and always felt a sensitive, peace-loving courtier would be the best match for her; so why is she now attracted to the hardened warrior beside her?

Anvrai on the other hand, has long ago realised that no woman will ever come to his bed willingly and certainly none will have him as a husband. He has turned into a powerful warrior and knows that he'll never enjoy a family of his own. And though lady Isabel seems different that any womam he's met and is not so repulsed by him, she has said she's going to marry that weak but handsome and rich fiance of hers. Why would she ever give him up for a poor, scarred knight who does not have a property of his own?

There is a lot of action as those three make their journey through Scotland to get to friendly land. There is almost pulpable passion and heat between Isabel and Anvrai; you can really feel the sparks between them and even when the're just kissing, it's HOT. And the most refreshing part was that Isabel is not a weak, timid, shivering maid; she plans the escape from the Scots, helps Anvrai with the physical tasks, sews their wounds without hysterics, learns to cook and carries her own bag. I really couldn't put this down and medievals are not even my favorite genre. A keeper for me.