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Storm Born - Richelle Mead 2.5 stars

I can't write a review about this but here are my thoughts:

1. I liked the worlds Mead built in this one. Complex and simple at the same time and very intriguing.
2. It was fast paced, full of action and easy to read.
3. There was a love triangle, something I like lately.
4. There was a lot of chemistry and passion between the heroine and one of her potential love interests and I really liked them together although most readers disagree with me.
5. The second hero although bland at the beginning, seemed to become more and more interesting as the story progressed. By the end of the book, he definitely -and irrevocably I'm afraid- became my favorite.
6. The twists in the end of the book me completely by surprise and made me wonder if reading the second book is not such a bad idea after all.

1. I didn't like the heroine. In fact, I hated her for half of the book. She was impetuous, ornery, prejudiced and believed that fighting is the solution to all and any problems. She calls that bravery; I call that stupidity. On the up side, she got rid of some of those characteristics in the second half.
2. Though there was chemistry between her and one of her suitors, the author decided to throw him a curveball from which I doubt he (or I) can recover. Unfortunately, the heroine seems to be set on this guy besides the huge problem still hanging between them.
3. On the other hand, the alternative does not seem good either; IMHO, there was very little chemistry between her and the second guy. This is a 'between the hammer and the anvil' situation and I can only hope Mead tackles it differently in the second book.
4. The fighting system is very complicated. Wands, hand-combat technics, guns, swords, athame, magic incantations and elemental magic, all are used simultaneously by the heroine during battles and make it hard for the reader to follow.
5. The first 200 pages are one prolonged prologue. There were tons of fights as the heroine battles with someone daily, but the story just doesn't move forward at all. It was only after the heroine learned of the prophecy and her role in it that the pace and plot picked up.

Had not all readers tried to convince me that the second book is much much better than this one, the series would have ended here for me. As things stand, I still might give the second book a chance in the future but not with any enthusiasm.