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Nothing Denied - Jess Michaels Thanks AJ for this one! As you and everyone can see, I loved this book!
I can understand why some people didn't it; Beatrice is a prickly woman, one called a shrew by the ton and not undeservingly. However, since The Taming of the Shrew is my favorite Shakespearian story, I should not be surprised that I ended loving this. Strange as it may sound, I prefer an intelligent, willful but selfish heroine to a goodhearted, silly and childish one (yes, that would be describing Penelope).

So, Beatrice's character didn't bother me much. Instead, I thought she was the perfect woman for Gareth, a delicious hero, if a little wild for my tastes:) And once more, as I did with the first book, I thought that Michaels managed through her erotic scenes to actually convince the reader of the emotional fondness between the heroes. I could feel for them, ache for them and really cared and wanted for 'prickly' Beatrice to find a man to whom, she could open her heart. And in the end, I was left satisfied that she actually did. The lovely epilogue was an added bonus to this series.

With this book, Jess Michaels removed any doubt I had and made herself an auto-buy writter for me. My today's purchase of [b:Taboo|5532725|Taboo (Albright Sisters, #2.5)|Jess Michaels|http://ecx.images-amazon.com/images/I/51yDRxrjY9L._SL75_.jpg|5703760] is the proof of it.