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I won't read a book that doesn't contain a romance plot of one kind or another...

The Vampire Narcise (Regency Draculia #3) - Colleen Gleason Ok, I'm not sure if I did a good thing by finishing this book or I should have put it in my DNF shelf and completely forget about it. What started as a slow, disappointing book, only managed to turn in a frustrating one and it's a pity because this was a series I loved:(

Vampire Narcise, the heroine, is the sister of Cesar Moldavi, the vilain of the trilogy. In the previous books we saw her as a couple with the vampir hunter Chas Woodmore but surprisingly in the second book, we learned that there's a background story and much tension between her and Giordan Cale, another vampir. So, we had to wait anxiously to find out who the real hero would be in this final book.

The book starts by telling us Narcise's story and the abuse she's suffered in her brother's hands until she meets Giordan Cale. Narcise is so beautiful that every man -or vampire- who sees her lusts for her, and Giordan is no exception. But Giordan can also see the strong, proud woman underneath and it doesn't take him long to fall in love with her. However, freeing her from her brother's clatches, proves to be a very difficult task. Equally difficult, is the task of gaining Narcise's trust. Narcise who knows her effect on men, has been abused all her life and has trouble seeing that one of them could want something more from her than to simply bed her, even if she's tempted by the handsome Giordan. But Giordan swears that he wants to set her free and she wants so much to believe that...

What follows is a series of meetings -either clandestine or public- between Narcise and Giordan where he tries to entice her and gain her trust while trying to convince her brother that he doesn't care about her. What made me so angry that I dropped the book at that point, is that Giordan, a man who's described as dangerous, was too cautious and refused to actually take the risk of trying to save Narcise despite the opportunities that appeared, but tried to come up with a foulproof plan. It made him seem like a man of too many words and little action and frankly, I gave up on him as a hero after that.

Due to a huge misunderstanding, and despite his doing everything he could to save her, Narcise thinks Giordan left her to fend of for heself and starts to hate him. This is the point where the heroine as well was ruined for me. It didn't help that soon after that and for a very long while, the hero and heroine are apart, while the heroine starts a romantic relationship with another man. If the previous scenes hadn't killed my romantic mood, the following chapters thoroughly did.

Finally, she and the hero(?) meet again, there's dislike and tension between them and each hasn't forgotten the other. The heroine however still feels betrayed by him, and can't forgive Giordan. I could say I felt angry at her blindness, but I think that at that point I didn't much care except how they'd catch the bad guy. And how do they catch the bad guy? It was by sheer luck that they managed to vanquish him and if I didn't hate him so much, I'd laugh at their stupidness.

A most disappointing ending to a most interesting series. I had come to expect so much more from Ms Gleason:(

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