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I won't read a book that doesn't contain a romance plot of one kind or another...

The Rogue and the Rival (Negligent Chaperone, Book 2) - Maya Rodale This book started with the best omens: the hero was a rake with a quick tongue and cutting wit, the heroine clever and compassionate, their dialogues funny, their chemistry good. And then halfway through, it felt flat:-(
The heroine who's in an abbey because her family kicked her out when she was compromised, doesn't seem to learn from her lesson: very soon if not from the very first day she sees the hero, she feels attracted to him and wonders what it'd be like to give in. If that was a contemporary, it wouldn't bother me at all, however the ease with which a well-bred woman in the 1820s keeps giving in to any man who catches her fancy, made this whole story unbelievable. Also, the hero, a reknown rake who has compromised more women than he can remember, falls for the -not so beautiful- heroine in zero time, making the whole story feel more like a fairytale for teenagers than a romance for adults. And when all things should have ended (about midway through the story), a huge misunderstanding occurs that leads to the story dragging and dragging with more ridiculous scenes than I could count. The heroine's former beau comes courting her again, and she's too 'weak' to know her own mind and asks from her guardian to keep an eye on her, in case she gets tempted again! Really, who cares for a heroine that can't make her own mind, or refrain from giving in to a man she doesn't even like anymore???

Pity, cause the first half was very entertaining and funny:( As it was, I skimmed through the last 50 pages, because there was really nothing interesting happening anymore, except the besotted former rake of a hero, trying to convince his loved one that she's the one for him. In a most ridiculous way I must say: she asked him to go and apologize to all the women he had compromised in the past, whether they were happily married now or leading a succesful career as courtesan, and she was to accompany him to each and every one. How that would prove his love for her, is beyond me. However, the writing was good, the tone chearful and if you like fluffy, humorous, light, superficial romances with lots of sugar on top, this one fits the bill. Not my cuppa at all though.