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I won't read a book that doesn't contain a romance plot of one kind or another...

Desire Unchained - Larissa Ione A huge let down after the first book. I can see why so many people have loved this and I understand their reasons, but it touched so many quirks of mine it couldn't end well.

Things I didn't like:

1. A heroine who physical appearence aside (she's nice, just not a stunner) is perfect: kind, thoughful, fierce, loyal, etc.
2. An author who is ashamed to put BDSM in her books just for the kicks of it, but has to justify it with some psychological mambo-jumbo. By whipping women who ask for it, Shade is able -though he hates it- to draw the darkness from them, their hidden traumas. WTF???
3. Too much sweetness in the second half, exactly what pushed me off BDB. Everybody loved everyone, even coldhearted, selfish Wraith loved his mate Kaine. Does this friendship remind anyone else of BDB?
4. So much BDB elements that honestly put me off. I'm not looking for originality out there, but really this was too much to ignore.
5. The references of the hero and heroine having sex in warg (=werewolf) form. I know it happens, but I prefer not to be reminded of it. I'm a wussy I admit it, and this kind of thing gives me the creeps.
6. The narrator's slightly nasal tone, especially when she was 'doing' Shade's parts.
7. The heroine's name. Ok, that's a silly reason I know, but everytime I heard that 'Runa' it sounded so much like Druuna, that horny cartoon heroine, that it was inevitable not to make the connection. Plus 'guruna' in greek is a female pig, also used as a curse. Not pretty at all:)

Things I liked:
1. The secondary romance between Gem and Kynan.
2. The worldbuilding once more
3. Wraith
4. The fast pace and suspense.

I hope the next one's better than this.