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Mine Till Midnight  - Lisa Kleypas 4.5 stars

As was the case with Secrets of a Summer Night, I expected less from this book and once more, I was pleasantly surprised. I loved this book and had trouble putting it down! I really liked the easy companionship between Cam and Amelia in the beginning and how this turned to love later on. Those two were a great match for each other. I also liked reading about the Hathaways (except Leo!) and their weird ways, and can't wait to read all their stories.

This was going to be a solid 5 stars read until near the end. At that point several things started bugging at me and reduced my enjoyment of the story:


1. Amelia's stubborness to accept Cam's proposal, which although had some logic based on her role as an independant woman for so long, was not justified as she didn't seem to have a problem accepting Frost's marriage proposal in the past and still consider it in the future. Why had she no problem giving up her independance and obeying Frost but not Cam, is beyond me and made me slightly dislike her, especially since Cam was such an adorable hero.
2. She kept refusing to marry him even when she kept falling in his arms in public and the rumours about their being lovers. Even though they were in the country and things are more lax there I guess, her reputation would have been completely ruined if she didn't accept him eventually, and along with hers, that of her sisters which she so wanted to protect. So I thought that was hardly believable, but I guess Kleypas wanted to create some extra tension and decided to sweep it under the carpet.
3. The PNR elements at the ending were a slight turn off
4. Win's and Merripen's romance was so sweet and heartfelt that really made me pin more for these two than Cam and Amelia at some points:) I can't wait to read their book!


However, none of these complaints bothered me enough to ruin my overall appreciation of the story. All in all, I found this a very warm and emotional read about two strong and interesting people. Cam was a wonderful hero and to be honest, I didn't expect to care as much for him as I did when I first met him in Devil In Winter. Perhaps because he turned much more affectionate and tender and loving in his own book, than the cold, dispassionate rake I had in mind he would be. I liked the fact that when he decided he wanted Amelia, he never wavered from this decision and he kept helping and protecting her and her family. I also liked Amelia for the most book, though she slightly aggravated me near the end; I'm willing to forgive her however since Cam loves her so much:) I really can't wait to get home and start the second book of the series; their love seems oh so powerful and sweet!!!