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I won't read a book that doesn't contain a romance plot of one kind or another...

Kept - Jami Alden What a great, absolutely amazing book! Derek and Alyssa have a one night stand, when he didn't know who she was. A couple of weeks later he's assigned as her bodyguard:) None of them is too happy and try to keep it professional, even though it's obvious they're attracted to each other. Derek has trouble believing Alyssa is not the supercilious, scandalous party girl she used to be, while Alyssa has been trying to move on with her life and gain the acceptance of her family. After some weeks of living close to her, Derek is willing to change his mind about her when she appears in public drugged again. Having attended rehab once before, everyone, including Derek, is ready to believe that Alyssa, the ultimate party girl, has relapsed back to her bad habits. Only Alyssa claims that she's not an addict anymore but someone drugged her drink on purpose. But what could that purpose be? And can Derek, the ultimate iceman, find it in his heart to trust someone after all those years?

Alyssa's family, is selling diamond jewelry and the background of this story is based on illegally mined African diamonds and dangerous arms dealers. There are a couple of pretty harsh scenes about the mine workers and tons of suspense that wouldn't let me put the book down. Derek as a hero was as great as the image of the model on the cover of the book:) He was a reserved, quite, unemotional man -a former sniper for the Army- with tons of passion and once he met Alyssa, his shields began to disintegrate. Alyssa's former life was the equivalent of Paris Hilton's: a wild party girl that made the news with her silly antics every day. However, when we meet her, she's already started to put that past behind her and lead a more meaningful life. Her more easy going and open personality are exactly what Derek needs and together they make a great couple. Though she's too ready to trust people she really shouldn't, she's not stupid and does have a spine of her own. As for Derek, what can I say? He's drop down gorgeous and the fact that he saves her life a couple of times make him a hero with capital H.
Highly recommended!