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I won't read a book that doesn't contain a romance plot of one kind or another...

Deeper - Megan Hart Ok, I just finished this and I can't seem to stop crying for the past half hour. I'm just glad my husband's out tonight and my children asleep, so they won't see me in the terrible mess:)

This started as great, became slow and contrite after 100 pages and picked up pace again after 70-80 pages. I must admit that before I read the last 2-3 chapters, I was very angry with Bess and meant to rate it with 3 stars but the ending changed my mind. It was like a punch in the gut and I'm not still sure if I mean it in a good way:)

To be honest, I had guessed from the reviews and even the book's back cover why Bess and Nich were originally separated, so it wasn't a surprise for me. Still reading about it, was different from imagining it and it moved me profoundly -my heap of sodden kleenex is solid proof of that:).

I will say that Nick was the bad boy as we imagine him in our twenties. Handsome, charming, plays around and never stays for long. But in the end, I couldn't help but fall for his charm. He hides a scared boy inside him that Bess, being the ultimate good girl and complete opposite of him, surprisingly manages to reach. I really understood the way he reacted to Bess's pressure; he was not a guy to react well in pressure or emotional blackmail -no proud man or woman is- and although he was harsh, he was never mean.

Bess however got on my nerves. I have never seen a woman muddle up every single important conversation in her life before her. She either didn't know what she wanted and expected the others to give her the answer, or managed to say the wrong thing at the wrong time. She didn't speak a clear sentence in her life except in the very end: "I think we're over", "I don't know if I love him", "I 'sort of' have a boyfriend"... I was so angry with her. Just when I was ready to give up on her, she made one clear choice -and one which I agreed obviously- and saved the day. However, I found her too weak and that's what mainly made me rate it with 4 stars.

I have only recently started to tap on erotica/romantica, but this one had much more depth and serious plot that any other I've written. Also the sex is rather tame -think Passion by Lisa Valdez- for erotica, if plenty.

If you're looking for a real bawler, this is it. I just hope I can get my eyes dry before my husband comes home cause I'll start crying once again, if I have to tell him the story:)