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I won't read a book that doesn't contain a romance plot of one kind or another...

Heartbreak Creek - Kaki Warner An amazing story about two lonely people who start on a marriage of convenience, each for his/her own reasons, and end up finding so much more than they ever hoped for. Edwina, the proper Southern belle, makes an extraordinary heroine with spank, brains, courage galore, where silent, taciturn Declan may be slow to open up, but when he does we see him for the honorable, gentle, caring man he is. From funny antics between Edwina and her half-sister, or Edwina and Declan's kids, to emotional scenes between Edwina and Declan, this is a story that creates all gamuts of emotions and I really enjoyed reading every single page of it. Edwina makes one of the finest heroines I've read and strong, steady Declan was more than worthy of her. And to think he only got married to get a mother for his unruly children...
I was so glad for both of them in the end, because they totally deserved their happy ending. I almost felt sorry when their story came to an end.

Warning to smut lovers: No love scenes included, just a vaguely described one.