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Lothaire (Immortals After Dark, #12) - Kresley Cole 3.5 stars

Apparently Kresley Cole doesn't know how to write a bad book even if she wanted to. Lothaire is just another good book in the series that all fans will enjoy. Unfortunately, it's not her best effort till now, on the contrary it's one of the weakest IMO. The dialogues till 75% are funny and witty, Lothaire an unforgivingly bad boy till the end (you have to appreciate that she didn't turn him into a 'nice guy' to make him more lovable) and Ellie a very nice heroine, clever and feisty but never bitchy. However, things did get a bit too sappy in the end, Lothaire remained a bit more of a jerk that I'd like and worst of all, there was no progress in the overall story arc nor any appearences of previous heroes, except the usual suspect, namely Nix. Lothaire and Ellie spent most of the book completely isolated from the whole Lore in an luxurious apartment, so there was no travelling around nor any grand adventure to be faced, while the question of making Ellie a queen fit for Lothaire seemed to be answered more easily/cursorily than I expected.

Still, it was a very nice book and interesting to read. I did expect a darker, more intense book for Lothaire but this was more humorous instead and perhaps that's why I feel a bit disappointed.