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I won't read a book that doesn't contain a romance plot of one kind or another...

Lover Unleashed (Black Dagger Brotherhood, Book 9) - J.R. Ward What I still like about the BDB books:
-Quinn and Blay. I just can't read enough about them. In fact, I'm skipping Tohr's book and heading straight to their story
-The woman can obviously create elaborate plots and twists with the ease other people scratch their nose. Now if only some of them were not so absurd...

What I'm coming to hate since John's book:
-The plot twists get more and more absurd (heroines who glow when the hero's near, mates who find it ok for they loved ones to go and get whipped by their best buddies while they stay behind, blinding similarities that nobody seems to notice except when Ward declares it's time, are just a few of them)
-There is no difference at all between her male heroes anymore: every single one, from ancient king and warrior, to modern cop or doctor, talk and think the exact same way (with the single exception of V who may talk like everyone else, but is distinguishable because he keeps adding 'true' to the end of his sentences). In short, they all talk like they've lived in a ghetto all of their lives (well duh), and their relationship mentality could be described in a single line: "she's MY female, but I have to give her up because I'm not worthy of her". Like Mel in her review mentioned, if you open the book in a random page and pick a line without reading above to see who's speaking, it's impossible to guess to whom this 'voice' belongs, as they all sound the same. Sad, very sad that such an amazing series has come to this.

Quinn and Blay, ready or not, here I come!!!