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I won't read a book that doesn't contain a romance plot of one kind or another...

Captive of Sin - Anna Campbell Captive of Sin is the first book of Anna Campbell that I absolutely enjoyed and devoured. The premise is very interesting, with Lady Charis running away from her evil stepbrothers and stumbling on Sir Gideon, a hero of the realm who decides to be Charis's defendor even though he has his own demons to battle: namely, he can't touch another human without getting violently ill. With the evils stepbrothers in tow, the only solution they have for Charis to keep her fortune is for the two of them to marry, something Charis isn't as reluctant as she you'd think since she's very attracted to Gideon from the beginning. But then, she has no idea what Gideon's demons are...

I really loved this book, especially after those two decide to get married. The fight against Gideon's inner demons seemed way more plausible than the way Hoyt approached the same subject in [b:Wicked Intentions|7649340|Wicked Intentions (Maiden Lane, #1)|Elizabeth Hoyt|http://d.gr-assets.com/books/1310933850s/7649340.jpg|10204484], even if after the bumpy beginning, Gideon's transformation happened much faster than I would have expected. But I loved the chemistry between those two and both their characters tremendously, so it didn't much affect my overall appreciation of the book.

The ending however was a little too fairytale-ish for my taste as well as the fact that Gideon would probably have insisted on their separation if he still couldn't stand being among many people. I wanted him to choose Charis no matter what, and to be honest, it would be perfect -and more realistic- to me if his complete recovery was left for an epilogue set a couple of years in the future.

Still, it's one of the rare historicals I've enjoyed reading so much lately, where the heroes talk like men and not besotted fools, where the heroines don't go jumping on handsome bachelors' beds without second thought and where the characters' actions actually fit their personality and were compatible with their way of thinking. Tight plot and beautiful writing make this a must read for romance readers looking for something darker in their fare IMHO.