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I won't read a book that doesn't contain a romance plot of one kind or another...

Angel Burn  - L.A. Weatherly Simply put, I think this is the best young adult paranormal book I've read (though admittedly my knowledge in the genre is rather limited). But whereas YA books usually bore me with the endless descriptions of everyday high school life, this one took a different approach, much more to my liking: that of a road-trip.

Willow has always been psychic and has the ability to see glimpses of the future. One day while reading a girl's thoughts she sees a real angel. Surprisingly though, the angel seems to be hurting her friend rather than helping her and Willow tries in vain to stop Heather from joining the newfound Church of the Angels. When Willow herself goes to the Church for a last attempt to stop Heather she sees more angels feeding off humans, leaving them drained and weak.
Unbeknownst to Willow, the angels have been notified of her existence and consider her a threat. For this reason, they send someone to kill her; someone who's in fact an Angel Killer. When Alex, who's the assassin, meets Willow, he realizes that something is very wrong with this mission and decides to watch her a while before actually killing her. So he follows her to the Church of the Angels only to see the Angels attacking her. And since 'my enemy's enemy is my friend' as the old adage goes, he decides to save Willow until he knows why the Angels want her dead. Thus, they both get into his car and their road trip begins.

For one, there is no way that this book is going to bore you. The action and suspense is non-stop till the very end, while the on-the-road element added much to my enjoyment. These two constantly meet new people, visit new places and in between they get closer to each other. Thus when they finally admit to their attraction, I could actually believe it, since they were not strangers at that point.

I liked the writing, simple and to the point but with some beautiful descriptions of the desert and later the mountains that made me feel as if I was actually there. I liked the characters too; both calm, composed Willow and lonely, decisive Alex. Although they were only 17 and 18 years old respectively, they both acted maturely like adults, which was very understandable and realistic considering their childhoods.

If -like me- you read only a couple of YA books per year, make this one of them. It's definitely worth your time.