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Run the Risk - Lori Foster 2.5 stars

A well written but otherwise pretty run-of-the-mill romantic suspense that would have earned at least one extra star from me, had the heroine been more likable or dropped her pointless charade at trying to hide her apparently Pamela Anderson-like 'assets', sooner. Her speech about taking out Morton's men, was laughable to say the least, and shows her for the silly, ninja-wanna-be chick she trully is, rather than the strong, fearless woman she thinks herself as:
"She settled her purse in her lap and, without further prompting, said, “I was counting on you to get there in time, but if you didn’t, I would have killed them.”
“Them?” Logan asked.
“Morton Andrews. His bully boys.” She rubbed her palms over the denim covering her thighs. “Anyone in his circle who got in my way.”

When you read such words from an untrained woman's mouth who's carrying only a knife, unless she's named Xhex or Kate Daniels, you can only wonder how's she stayed alive for so long or if she's lost her marbles somewhere along the way.

Also, I don't get, how Pepper after her transformation from homely to a supermodel, said that she was glad to be back to her real self once more. Since, based on her admittance, she used to downplay her looks constantly while working on bars and clubs so as not to attract male attention (yes, she was THAT beautiful it would seem), when did she get to wear the sexy make up, tight jeans and tank tops?

Logan on the other hand was nice, and while he had to trap Pepper to get what he wanted, he genuinely came to care for her (even though I couldn't understand why during the first half). The suspense is stalled for the first half, then moves in a faster pace later, but it really never steals the show. What stole the show for me, was the secondary characters, mainly Reese, Alice and Pepper's brother, who all are likely to get their own books in the future.

Fans of romantic suspense will probably enjoy it anyway, but since it's not my fave genre, I can't give it a thumbs up. Still, I liked the writing enough to give Foster another chance when Reese's book comes out.

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