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I won't read a book that doesn't contain a romance plot of one kind or another...

Moonglow - Kristen Callihan This is the story of Ian MacKinnon/Earl Ranulf and Daisy, Miranda's sister, whom we both met in Firelight. As readers of Firelight already know, Ian -as well as the entire Ranulf clan- is a werewolf while Daisy's a very ordinary human unlike her talented sister. Unlikely as the relationship between them seems, since Ian in the first book was more of a villain than a hero and also infatuated with Miranda, Daisy's forced to accept his protection when she becomes the -almost- victim of a werewolf's attack. Daisy knows better than to trust Ian after the way he tried to ruin her sister's marriage, but she can't help being attracted to him and slowly but steadily, coming to like him when she sees he's more than a handsome facade. Ian on the other hand is impressed by her strength, her intelligence, her courage and her will to live the way she -and not the society- desires. Though she's physically very different from the women he usually favors, he can't ignore her lush figure and sexuality anymore than he can deny his own heritage: that of the destined leader of the Ranulf werewolf clan.

Sadly this did not come up the first book's brilliance. The protagonists though likable were not as well developed as Archer and Miranda and I never felt deeply moved by their woes and scarred past lives. Simply said, I was more intrigued by the secondary characters of this story like Winston Lane & Poppy (which I hated -until I reached the epilogue- for withholding such important information from her sisters without good reason), Lena, Lucien and mostly Talent, than the actual hero and heroine. Even though I was initially charmed by the instant and easy connection between Ian and Daisy, the fact that Daisy left her sister when in pain to go and start an 'honest' relationship with Ian, only to forget telling him who she really was until he asked days later, was the beginning of the end for me. The fact that their relationship was also based too much on lust didn't endear it to me either, as well as the abrupt changing of mind that Ian had about accepting his role in the pack when he kept resisting it for ages.

The mystery though, the action, the smooth writing style and the glimpses of London's secret world of supernatural beings, kept my interest alive and I'm looking forward for the next book in the series hoping the main characters will have more 'flesh' on them.

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