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Små citroner gula - Kajsa Ingemarsson 3.5 stars

Title in English: Yesterday's News

Yesterday's News is the story of Agnes, a young girl living in Stockholm. She's a waitress but the story starts with her being fired from her job after resisting her boss's flirtation attempts. At the same night she receives a phonecall from her guitarist boyfriend who tells her he's met someone else and they're breaking up. Agnes is devastated by the double loss, but as she breaks the news to her friends and family, the reader sees what a useless scumbag her ex-boyfriend has been and that Agnes is the only one who hasn't realized this. Little by little she tries to pick herself up, find a new job and go out for a drink or two instead of staying in and moping after Tobias, with the instistence of her loyal friend Lussen and things are finally perking up when she meets an ex-colleague who's planning on starting his own restaurant and wants Agnes as his head waitress.

This has been an easy and fast read. I enjoyed reading about Agnes, a girl much like any other out there, and I actually found refreshing the fact that she was satisfied and happy with her job as a waitress and wanted to make a career out of it, instead of looking for something shinier and more glamorous. Despite having never acted as a waitress myself, I found her efforts to find a new job, the time and imagination she put in the opening of the new restaurant, interesting and enjoyable to read. I liked Agnes and thus her troubles touched me and I wished for her to have the job she had been looking for and for a decent boyfriend to replace the one she lost.

Unfortunately, in the last third of the book, Agnes proves that she hasn't learned much from her past; she appears to be a doormat and a loser, accepting the many times cheating boyfriend back in her life, just when a new interest, much more sympathetic and right for her, shows in the horizon. The days in the restaurant seem to be mainly repetitive and a sudden tragedy only adds to the doom and gloom feeling:( Of course it's chick lit and of course I know things will always turn right for our heroine in the end, but I really don't care for so much unnecessary darkness in my easy reads. Plus, the romance was practically non-existant. I know it's chick lit, not romance, but I did expect a tiny bit more on the subject. Agnes instead lost her time pining after Tobias, something that as much as the reader can see, is completely unjustified which only adds to his/her frustration.

All in all, this was quite an enjoyable read, which would have been so much better if only the last third of the book was missing half its pages. Too bad, because I really liked the opening:(

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