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I won't read a book that doesn't contain a romance plot of one kind or another...

The Prophet - Amanda Stevens The Prophet is the final book in The Graveyard Queen trilogy, one of my favorite series for 2011-2012. I cannot tell how excited I was to finally read this book, as the previous two had managed to raise my heartrate close to cardiac arrest levels:)

Once more we are in beautiful Charleston, getting the incredible vibes of Creole music, smells and lore, we first read about in the first book. The book doesn't waste any time; as soon as it starts, Amelia finds she has a task to complete if she's to find any peace from Robert Fremont's ghost: to find his murderer. It soon becomes obvious that Shani, Devlin's daughter, needs her help as well. Even though helping these ghosts goes against everything her father taught her, Amelia feels she has to do as they ask. And so, the adventure begins.

Amelia turns into a sleuth detective this time, following suspects and trying to get her hands on data that will show new light into the old evidence. But nothing turns out as it should and Amelia finds she soon has no one she can fully trust, not even Devlin. Devlin who's still trying to figure out why she run away from him in the past and why she's still refusing him when their chemistry continues to be off the charts. Amelia is also trying to understand the reason ghosts are suddenly seeming to appear all around her and what her policy should be: should she go on by her father's rules and ignore them, or is it time to embrace her 'gift' and use it to put those pure souls at rest?

The action is non-stop, Devlin's and Amelia's relationship as tumultuous as ever and the danger to Amelia -both from the physical world and the spiritual one- closer than ever. This was a book hard to put down and I could never guess what the next chapter would bring or who was behind everything that happened.

Then why 4 stars do you ask? I had a big problem with this book as it was supposed to be the final book of a trilogy but doesn't read as such. For one, the second book, The Kingdom, is completely unconnected to this one. Which makes me wonder why? Was it just a filler? What was its purpose in the overall arc and why did we readers have to read it, if the issues addressed in it are not even mentioned here?

But most importantly I'm disappointed because The Prophet is the final book of a trilogy and chooses to pose more questions than answers. It's obvious that the writer at some later point decided to write more books about Amelia, as the number of questions she leaves unanswered is probably more than those answered in the past two books together. And to top that, she even leaves a pall hanging above the seemingly happy ending. I can't express how furious, how disappointed I was to read that ending; the epilogue is simply the worst I've read in a long time. There were many ways she could spin off into a new series, the most obvious being by using her Asher Falls characters as leads and Amelia as a guest star. But no, Amanda Stevens decided that after three books, her readers should go on worrying about Amelia and her happily ever after instead of putting a closure to it. It would feel as if the writer is taunting and leading her fans by using the old and tested method of carrot dangling.

So, if you're looking for an exciting book just like The Restorer was, you will find it in The Prophet. The book, as an atmosperic thriller, actually lacks for nothing. But if you're looking for a closure to a series, this isn't it. As I mentioned above, the questions posed in this book are too many to ignore and will leave you more frustrated than before you picked it up. Hopefully Ms Stevens, won't leave as dangling for too long:) I'm certainly curious to see her next endeavor.

ARC by Harlequin Mira via NetGalley