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I won't read a book that doesn't contain a romance plot of one kind or another...

A Midsummer Night's Sin - Kasey Michaels Puck, one of the three Blackthorn bastards, and Regina Hackett meet in a daring masquerade, not meant for innocent young ladies. Their one heated encounter would probably be their last if Regina's cousin wasn't abducted at one point, bringing Puck and Regina together as they try to save Regina's cousin from the hands of white slavers. Unfortunately, though the attraction between them is instantaneous and Puck's almost in love from that first meeting, Regina's father, a rich merchant married to an earl's daughter, is determined to marry his daughter off to someone titled and thus gain at last entrance to the ton, something that was denied to him after his own marriage.

So, is this a bad book?
Is this a good book?

The lines above, pretty much sum up my opinion about this book. Of course, my opinion may also have to do with the fact that this book contained two of my worst peeves: Instant attraction/falling in love and zero tension between the hero and heroine. As the hero and heroine have effortlessly and without any fight or disagreement fallen in love in the first 1/3 of the book, and as they both admit to it without reservations early on, even with the evil father's dubious threat hanging over them, the story held absolutely no appeal for me. So, that left the mystery investigation to play the major role in this play, which, obvious as the answer to it was from the beginning, fell short of the task.

For readers who like their love stories sweet, uncomplicated and their protagonists loving, perfect and well matched in every way, this book would no doubt offer a few hours of easy and carefree enjoyment. However, as it fell neither to the humorous, nor to the emotional category, I was quickly bored with it.