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Unbinding the Heart: A Dose of Greek Wisdom, Generosity, and Unconditional Love - Agapi Stassinopoulos I admit that the basic reason I picked this book up, is that the author is Greek and the book's description said that it was based on the teachings and lessons learned from the author's Greek mother; simple truths that can make our lives so much better.

Turns out I'm very glad I read it. There are indeed some very traditional Greek customs in there, like the hospitality or the lack of worrying about tomorrow and counting on your friends and neighbors for help -financial and emotional- and some not so traditional ones, like a Greek mother in the 50s-60s who speaks three languages and introduces her teenage daughters to yoga and Charles Young. The book is a collection of personal stories from the author's life that help her prove to the reader a particular message per chapter: Stop worrying and everything will turn out well, there are many solutions to our problems if only we open our minds to see them, positive thinking brings positive results, be your own self and know your own self, if you accept yourself with your flows others will accept you too, forgive yourself or others in order to move forward, etc. I can't say that I read anything ground breaking or things I've never heard/read before; In fact, I read very few self-help books and still, those points have come up already. But anyway, it's nice to see all those simple advices wrapped up together and I really, really enjoyed the short stories that made the book so much more personal and intimate. And though many of these things are things we already know, it doesn't hurt to be reminded of them, especially in a time where we seem to be bombarded with the negative aspects of life. It made me feel more optimistic that sometimes it's enough to change our own attitude in order to see more solutions ahead, or that some 'failures' in our lives are only failures if we perseve them as such; we could choose in fact to see them as a change in direction or as a new opening. Also, as a mother, how important it is to instill self-confidence in our children by focusing on their positive traits instead of their weaknesses and refrain from comparing them to others. And that we must all focus on ourselves first and foremost, taking care of our emotional and physical health before we start giving out to others; if we are not well, then eventually we won't be able of helping anyone else.

Although the author claims that this book is a testament of what love can do to our lives, I think it was more about positive energy and feelings than love. And not being a spiritual person, the book became a little tiresome after the middle with all references to Spirit, or God and how its acknowledgement 'enlightens' us and shows us our true path. But luckily, that part didn't last for long, and I was able to put it behind me:-)

If you want to read how simple changes in attitude can make us feel happier, this is a very nice and enjoyable way to found out.

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