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I won't read a book that doesn't contain a romance plot of one kind or another...

To Seduce an Earl - Lori Brighton 4.5 stars

The book starts with the heroine visiting the brothel where the hero works as a male prostitute. Let me tell you, it was one hell of an opening scene and I laughed so hard reading it!

I loved this book. Really loved it. I was engaged to the characters emotions from the first page and couldn't put it down. That is not to say that it has no flaws; on the contrary. The way the heroine consorts with the hero in public without anyone noticing them is unbelievable to say the least and his tendency for melancholia and depression grated on my nerves more than once. But even with these problems, I loved the heroes and became completely drawn in their angst and passion. They had incredible chemistry and were oh, so right for each other. Grace was a strong, intelligent heroine and I really liked the fact that she came to care for Alex without treating the fact that he was a whore as non-existant. Alex was a bit too lamenting for my taste, but I guess his life gave him reason to be, so even if it made me angry at times I appreciated the reality factor in it.

I can't wait for Gideon's book to come out.
Highly recommended for fans of angsty romances and self-doubting, tormented heroes who don't believe they're good enough and strong heroines who can see their real worth.