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I won't read a book that doesn't contain a romance plot of one kind or another...

Sea Swept (Quinn Brothers) - Nora Roberts DNF for the second time. At least now I reached almost 90% before giving up:) It's not bad, but I really can't get over the heroine screwing one of her 'cases' -very unprofessional & unethical- and the complete lack of tension between them. Not sexual tension, there was tons of that, but conflict. I mean, it's a story of boy meets girl, girl likes boy, they start dating, having sex and then realizing it was more serious than they first thought. No problems, no big fights, no differences between them; just the usual spats between two people getting close to each other. For me, that means boring. I just couldn't gather the interest to read more. Add to that a super cocky heroine who she alone knows what to do in any case, who's managed to fight all sorts of personal deamons and become a strong, sexy woman (I really can't see a rape victim -especially at so tender an age- being so sexually confident as a grown up), a heroine who can do no wrong and I'm done. Plus, besides the tons of sexual tension, I couldn't see the love between those two. End of story.