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Negligee Behavior - Shelli Stevens 4.5 stars

This book has proven to be a great surprise. I admit that I didn't expect such a hilarious book when I picked it up, since I'm mostly drawn to more angsty and dark ones. However, despite this not being my usual cup of tea, I was thoroughly charmed by it. It was fun, it was sexy, it was sweet, it was fast-paced, it was engrossing. I just couldn't put it down once it started!

Brandy is having second thoughts about marrying her boyfriend and runs away leaving him standing at the altar. Just outside the Vegas' chapel she meets a man in a Harley and before she can think twice, she jumps on his motorcycle and away they go! Marco Vargas is the exact opposite from the plain, prim and so very proper Lingerie Heiress Brandy Summers: he's a sexy bartender with a couple of tattoos, long hair and dark olive skin that covers a body hot as hell. Soon Brandy finds herself attracted to him -and who wouldn't?- but the real surprise is that the attraction is not one sided. Marco finds himself lusting after the not exactly skinny, frizzy haired and badly dressed woman he's saved, once he discovers the sexy lingerie she hides beneath her styless clothes. And when he agrees to take her to his house for a few days until she decides what to do with her former fiance, it becomes only a matter of time when those two will have sex together.

I really, really liked this book; the first half was so hilarious I was laughing all the time while my kids stared at me confused. In the second half, the funny quotes were reduced but the chemistry between those two, had me fanning myself:) Well, Brandy and Marco make one hot couple, I'll tell you that! But they were also persons I could care for and like. Brandy starts as a shy, prim woman who's spent her entire life comparing herself to the skinny models that advertize her family's lingerie business and finds herself lacking. When it becomes obvious that such a sexy man like Marco wants her without even knowing who she is, it does wonders to her self-esteem and with a little help from a friendly barmaid, she gets a new look guaranteed to attract not only Marco but every man who happens to set eyes on her, much to Marco's dismay. Marco on the other hand, is a strong, sexy man who knows finally what he wants from life but Brandy is so clearly out of his world. Surely she won't stay with him for more than a couple of weeks, so he decides to hide his feelings for her as well as his past.

It was this fact, Marco's hiding facts that were sure to come and bite him in the ass, that had me rating this book with less than 5 stars. And let's face it, it wasn't as if he was a drug dealer! It just felt kind of weird to me that he felt so embarassed of what he once was. This of course, lead to some misunderstandings in the end, that could so easily be avoided it actually made me angry, but that was only for 10-20 pages and then Marco was such a hottie I eventually forgave him everything.

All in all, a lovely, fun, entertaining, sexy and witty contemporary romance that I highly recommend to all romance fans out there.

*I received this book as an ARC from Netgalley*