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I won't read a book that doesn't contain a romance plot of one kind or another...

Heart of the West - Penelope Williamson I can't say much to do this book justice. It's incredible. It's an epic romance set in wild Montana during the era of silver mining and the main theme is the forbidden love between the heroine and her husband's brother. But to say that the book is solely focused on that would be a lie; there are also other points addressed like racism and fear of strangers, a woman's place in society, the insecurities caused by the love affair between an older, rich woman and her young, poor lover, the question whether a woman should or could have other goals in life besides being a mother, the difference of love between husband and wife and the all consuming passion Clementine feels for her brother-in-law, and so much more.

I loved it and it's going to stay in my mind for a long time. AJ and willaful, I can't thank you enough for recommending me this one!

I just have to add a couple of quotes from this book, though there were so many it's hard to choose:

'Clementine', he said, and her name came out of him broken and mangled. 'My love for you won't stop with my leaving. Come an evenin' over the years, when you step outside your door and hear the wind blowing through the cottonwoods, that'll be me, thinking of you, whispering your name, and loving you.'

He let go of her hand and pressed his fingers against her lips, stopping her words. 'It's hard, Clementine. Hard for a man to look into a woman's eyes and see love lookin' back at him. And to know that when she's lookin' at him, she's seeing not who he is, but what he ought to be.'
'You are the world to me.'
He laughed raggedly. 'And you say you're scared.'

Rafferty gripped his brother's shoulder and pushed him in the direction of his wife. She was rolling on the fresh-turned earth of Charlie's grave now, and her cries were no longer human. 'Go hold her. Go on, even if she fights you, but dammit, hold her.'
Go on, brother, before I do, because if I do, you ain't ever gettin' her back.