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I won't read a book that doesn't contain a romance plot of one kind or another...

Dead And Gone  - Charlaine Harris This was one of the darkest books in the series and the only bright part was Sookie's relationship with Eric. I really, really disliked the introduction of the war between the fairies since I considered it completely irrelevant with everything else in the whole story arc. I also am NOT fond of Bill's reintroduction as a possible romantic interest; I thought this was behind her and over and I think it's meant as a reason (however silly) to keep some kind of tension/uncertainty between her and Eric. I clearly prefer Eric -as does Harris IMO- and this device only succeds to make Sookie seem indecisive and dumb, going back and forth all the time. It was also hinted by someone that Sam is not to be disregarded as a rival for Sookie's affections. Now that would be an interesting twist in the future, but right now it all seems like a big soup where everyone and their mother are thrown in:(