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I won't read a book that doesn't contain a romance plot of one kind or another...

His For The Holidays - Josh Lanyon, L.B. Gregg, Harper Fox, Z.A. Maxfield, Angela James Well, this is my first m-m book and I have to say, it's so much more than I expected from the genre. I especially loved the fact that most stories seem to emphasize the emotional rather than the sexual part of the heroes' relationship.

Mistletoe at Midnight - 4.5 stars
A sweet and tender but sometimes funny story about two men who started a relationship as teens, only to meet again unexpectendly 17 years later. The whole family of one of the heroes is in attendance at this rustic lodge, trying to bring them together again and many funny scenes, especially with the hero's mother, take place that had me laughing out loud sometimes. On the other hand, there were many emotional scenes too, especially of their past and how difficult it must have been for two boys to admit they're attracted to each other while in high school. I felt connected with the heroes, their heartaches, their desires and pretty much everything. This was my second favorite of the bunch.

Nine Lights Over Edinburg - 3.5 stars
This was the darker of the four stories and too much time was spent on the suspense rather than the romance. The hero is pretty much an alcoholic cop, whose life is shattered when he first meets a Mosad agent who saves his life and shorty after that, when his daughter gets kidnapped by a trafficing crime lord. There were a few things I thought were very unrealistic, like the lengths to which Tobias would go to help a man he's barely met and who was, pretty much, an alcoholic, without any obvious redeeming qualities. On the other hand, it felt difficult to put down and I did fall for the attraction that sprung so quickly between those two. So, while it had its weaknesses, I enjoyed it as a whole.

I Heard Him Exclaim - 2 stars
What can I say? I found the whole premise of this completely unrealistic and just couldn't get into it because of that. A man who's recently became the guardian of a 5 year-old girl, is scared to death of this responsibility and refuses to let her out of his eyes, agrees to get in the car and later spend Christmas with a man he's just met. I just couldn't buy it. And then, well, it felt for me as if Steve was too much what Chandler needed at that time; someone to lean on. Would Chandler fall for him in other circumstances or was their romance fueled by Chandler's need for someone strong he can depend on? I was never fully sure of that and so I couldn't warm up to them.

Icecapade - 5 stars
Dina's review of this story is what made me try the whole book and I'm glad for it! The story was as good as she said it would be and more. Noel has been a retired thief for years when Robert, an FBI agent with whom he's shared one hot night ten years ago, catches up with him. Noel, may have been a thief, but he's the sweetest, most loving one I've read about and hadn't he been gay and a figment of Lanyon's imagination to boot, I'd love to spend some 'quality' time with him:) Robert was cooler, a silent man, but that personna fitted with the story well and though he spoke little, I did feel his attraction and deep feelings for Noel. Being a man of the law, it mustn't be easy for him to admit he trully cared for the man he was supposed to catch, even to himself. A very emotional and engaging story, that I'd love to read again in the future.