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I won't read a book that doesn't contain a romance plot of one kind or another...

Three Nights with a Scoundrel - Tessa Dare I won't say whether I liked this book. I'll only mention that I stopped right in the middle of their first love scene, to take out the weeds in my yard!

Review for Romantic Romance Readers:
Read this book! It's very well written, clever, witty, with a sweet, lovable hero and a heroine that has a brain on her shoulders. The hero is totally besotted with her and has been for years, and that's apparent in every single page when he thinks of her. If you like sweet, tender stories and sweet, loving heroes, you'll love this one and probably ignore the fact that it's even more wallpaperish that Julia Quinn's books.

Review for the rare breed of Cynical and Practical Romance Readers:
Avoid this book! It's flowery, sappy and sweet enough to send a diabetic into an instant shock. While well written and witty, there's also the fact that it's completely -and I mean completely- wallpaperish. I don't generally dwell on that too much, but the inaccuracies in this case were glaring. Adding to this, is the fact that her protagonists were so sweet and picture perfect, it was like trying to emotionally connect to a face in a photograph.
Finally, if you think this is dark romance, because it's darker than her Goddesses series, forget it; it's not humorous, I'll give you that and it's pretty emotional. But dark or angsty? Definitely not.
I'll probably give this author one more try, but I doubt she's my style.
I repeat: not a bad book, just not my style at all.