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I won't read a book that doesn't contain a romance plot of one kind or another...

The Seducer - Madeline Hunter Daniel St. John takes his ward away from her school when he discovers she's older than he thought. He realizes how attractive she is and decides to use her as a pawn to a game of revenge he's been playing for almost a decade. Nobody knows much about his past and there are many tales about his success with the wives of some peers. But the innocent woman he plans to use lures him like no other and makes it difficult to hold on to his original plans.

I really liked this dark romance. I cared for the characters early on and found their attraction powerful. I like the suspense part, which neither overshadowed the romance, nor was a minor detail in the background. There was a dark atmosphere throughout the book that made me think it was constantly dark and cloudy outside:) Good chemistry and very interesting secondary characters.

The pace however was slow enough to make my mind drift away sometimes. But as I've said before, Hunter's writing style does that for me usually, so I might not be objective. I liked it enough though to want to read another book in these series. I'll have to decide then if I can be persuaded to put more of Mrs Hunter's books in my to-buy list.