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I won't read a book that doesn't contain a romance plot of one kind or another...

Lord Ruin - Carolyn Jewel What is it with Ms Jewel and the endings in her books I wonder? I only read two books of hers. the other being Scandal, and both were amazing until a few pages before the end. At that point the heroine becomes hardheaded, obstinate and stubborn and drives me out of my mind for ruining such a perfect story!

Well, up to the ending, I loved this surprisingly very sensual story. A marriage of convenience between two people who for once, decide to deal with it practically and amicably instead of yelling and hating each others' guts. And yet the story is angsty, intense and emotional. There are also a series of kidnappings that Ruan is investigating along with his friend Devon, the man who planned to marry Anne and whom she loved back. Add Ruan's recent mistress to the threesome and you have a recipe for deception and heartache ready in your hands. Enjoy:)