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I won't read a book that doesn't contain a romance plot of one kind or another...

Bonds of Justice - Nalini Singh What I didn't like is that the romance was an exact replica of that in the previous book, Blaze of Memory: Psy heroine with a time-bomb in her head and severe fractures in her mind, meets extremely handsome and thus far very cold man, who upon first setting eyes on her becomes possessive and obsessive. I know many people will say that the storyline was completely different between the two books and I agree, but I read books mainly for the romance and as far as romance goes, these two were pretty much the same.

I also have the impression that in this book, the romance took second place to the rest of the story. So many things happen between the Psy, the leopards and the case that Max and Sophia are investigating that the action is non-stop, thus the romance was more or less cast to the side. As Max and Sophia didn't really have any emotional issues to solve since they both early on agree that theirs is a serious relationship, this was not difficult to happen. And since I'm not fond of love at first sight plots, I found it hard to understand Max's initial obsession with her. The good thing was that Sophie was not the weakling that Katya was in BOM, but I still felt she didn't have much to offer as a heroine herself. Max was much more interesting, but after a while, I felt like Sophie was dragging him down to her own mediocrecy:)

All in all, a lackluster romance but a very engaging read as far as politics and suspense go. Luckily, there was too much of Lucas and Sascha and Nikita and of course Kaleb to keep me interested. Worth reading for the developments in the overall arc of the story rather than the protagonists' romance IMHO.