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I won't read a book that doesn't contain a romance plot of one kind or another...

Too Wicked to Tame - Sophie Jordan I know I'm the minority, but I loved this book. I know that it's not perfect and has in fact enough faults, but in the end it moved me and made me care for the characters enough to bring tears in my eyes and ache for them. And that's what counts in the end.

Lady Portia is the sister of an impoverished duke who is obliged from her family to find a wealthy husband and thus save the family for ruin. But she's a bluestocking who doesn't want to marry and has managed for 5 years to get away from any marriage-traps her family has set. Lord Heath, Earl of Moreton has a lot of money on the other hand, but also comes from a family with history in madness. He intends to never marry, neither he nor his two sisters, in order to not pass the madness to future generations. However, his grandmother and Portia's own grandmother, have other plans and want them married. Though each of them fights it for their own reasons, the attraction between them is sizzling. Heath's reservation and self-control seem too hard and difficult to break. Sometimes he lashes out in her, believing Portia is a willing participant in his grandmother scheme and wants to bring him in a compromising situation so he'll be forced to marry her anyway.

This was a deeply emotional and heartwrenching romance, with a reserved, proud, hard-headed hero and a levelheaded, average-looking heroine and I liked both of them. Readers however who don't like many verbal fights between the leading couple or the hero lashing out unjustily to the heroine won't feel the same. There are some minor faults, like the hero's eyes changing 3 different colors (due to emotions) 4 or 5 times in each chapter -from gray to blue or black-, the heroine thinking the same thing over and over again, but in the end they were not enough to make me dislike the book. It's a rare case that I feel so close to the main characters and their ordeal and that's what made it a winner in the end for me.