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I won't read a book that doesn't contain a romance plot of one kind or another...

Slightly Tempted - Mary Balogh Lady Morgan Bedwyn is in Brussels, mere days before the Waterloo battle. In those days she meets Gervase, Earl of Rosthorn and is charmed by him. His motives though are not pure; he seeks revenge against her brother, the duke, for a wrong done to him ten years ago. A wrong that made his father send him away from England for the rest of his life. So Gervase plans to taint Morgan's reputation as her brother tainted his. But upon getting to know her, he begins to see the real woman underneath and appreciate her for what she really is. After the Waterloo battle, he is the one that stays with her, after her uncaring companions left her alone, while she frantically searches for her brother Alleyne. He helps with her searches while she tends to soldiers' wounds all day and he's the one she turns to when she's informed of Alleyne's death. Gervase decides to do the right thing and offer for her when they return to England but the duke rejects his offer despite the scandal already caused. Gervase is tempted to let her be, but he's not sure now whether he wants revenge or her anymore. His last attempt however to compromise her succeeds and they're betrothed anyway. But of course Morgan finds out about his quarell with her brother and figures he never cared for her. They travel to his country estate and pretend to be happily betrothed while Morgan is determined to leave him at the end of the month after breaking his heart.

I enjoyed reading this book and it certainly was not bad. The part in Brussels after the battle was great and very intriguing but when they moved to England the story lost its spark. It was just one of the same again, with all the Bedwyns in a large country house with ponds, swimming, games and children. If I hadn't read the previous books in the series I'd probbaly like it more but this time the un-originality DID bother me.