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I won't read a book that doesn't contain a romance plot of one kind or another...

Quinn's Need (Whispering Pines Ranch, #2) - S.J.D. Peterson A year has passed since their separation but Quinn has only recently started getting over Lorcan, and Lorcan though in love with Jess, hasn't completely forgotten Quinn either. Quinn tries to escape his need for Lorcan by visiting a BDSM club once a week, where he plays the Dom type, the one who never begs but is always in control. It is in that club that he meets Ty, and their sexual relationship gradually turns into one of friendship and affection as well. It is at this point however, that Lorcan and his lover Jess move back to town and Lorcan and Quinn meet again.

Well, here's the drill: I seriously dislike m/m romances (and f/m for that matter) where one of the heroes is noticeably weaker and dependent than the other. I know that the writer's intent was never to portray Lorcan as such, instead tried to prove the exact opposite, but I didn't feel it. Lorcan came out to me as relatively weak, needy, one of those people who can't stand in life in their own two feet but constantly need someone strong -physically as well as emotionally- beside them. So, forgive me if I could not understand why those two gorgeous men both looked at him as if he was God on earth. And not only was he not a strong character (looking to Quinn for his brawn, Jess for his steadiness and unlimited acceptance), but was weak in the face of temptation as well. While I could forgive him living with a man while in love with another, I could never forgive him his spending as much time with his ex-lover as he could and then some, while his current lover was away from their home.

This book was kind of uneven; we have a very emotional first half, where we see a broken Quinn trying to get over Lorcan and his baby steps towards healing with unexpected help from Ty, an equally -but for different reasons- broken man. I really, really loved this part and desperately wished for Quinn and Ty to be together. When Lorcan got in the picture though, the whole atmosphere changed. Quinn forgot Ty completely and pretty much everything and everyone else, in his eagerness to be there for Lorcan and help him in every way he could. I felt that the writer didn't deal Ty's and Quinn's relationship well, because at more than one point we have Quinn thinking how much more than a sexual partner or a simple friend Ty is to him, but in the blink of an eye, he stops thinking about him completely without another mention. That made me feel as if Lorcan as well as Quinn, just got into a lover's quarrel and instead of solving it themselves as they should, chose to drag innocent people in their fight intentionally, and of course ended up hurting them in the process. The reason I disliked Lorcan more than Quinn, is that Lorcan was aware of Jess's love for him and took full advantage of it, but to Quinn's credit (and stupidity) he was unaware of Ty's feelings and thus considered him immune to heartache.

It's a weird feeling when you read a book where you wish the heroes ended up with different partners instead of each other, and it's to the author's credit that I didn't end up hating the book after all but enjoyed it none the less. I'm certainly going to read Ty's book because I want to watch this great guy, get the HEA hge deserves.

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